Waaaaaaaaay back in July, my friend and I made a bet in regards to the 07-08 hockey season. I said that the upcoming season would be different for my Sharks and had faith that they would go farther then the prior year. Well my friend said the same of his team. So we made a bet, whoever’s team went farther in the playoffs obviously wins the bet and the loser has to, for the whole next year, support some aspect of the winners team. We not only shook on it but did the whole spit shake and pinky swear. I had nothing to fear, his team sucked last year,…

Well cause it was in july and my friend moved to the east coast I didnt think anything of this bet and totally forgot. Season went on like usual, ssharks knocked out in the 2nd round like usual…well guess who called last night? My old buddy Justin, and the first thing he says is, “Looooooooooooser!!!!!” I sat there for a minute thinking huh?, then the awful truth dawned on me. Justin just won the bet.

But because Justin isnt 100% evil….just 110%! Guess who has now been afflicted with the unthinkable? Thats right me. And what did he pry on? My absolute, very audible haterd, disgust, disdain and loathing of a particular aspect of his team. So now, I have to play nice. No I dont have to root on his team, no I dont have to cheer his team against my own, and no I dont have to wear his team’s jersey….but what do I have to do? Express my love, admiration and support for one player on his team. Instead of screaming “pussy” or “fucker” or “whiner” or “diver” at the tv, or teaching the dogs to growl every moment he’s on the tv….I now have to bow down to this guy”s excellence for the entire 08-09 season…So forgive me all I’m about to commit the worst sin of all in my eyes…and I hate myself for this…

ungh I cant even bring myself to write this….

Sidney Crosby is one of the best players in the NHL currently and deserves to lift the Cup and I would absolutely date him if I had the chance.

I’m going to go wash my mouth out with soap….

and it starts…

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So today we got started on BAD NEWS BITCHES # 3 which is a porn makeover of Bad Newsd Bears. I will be playing the best position I know how to…CATCHER. I will also get to do a scene with one of my favorite hoes, Lexi Belle as we will be fucking the glasses of computer nerd Sergio. More to come as production goes along. ..

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Definitely one of my favorite chicks to work with.We get to play with each other every once in awhile and it sure makes my day when I know she will be with me on a particular day. Todays fun was we were to initiate Carolynn Reese into our special little club…more to cum on that later on..

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So last minute I get this phone call that I have tickets waiting for me for game 7 , Sharks and Flames and im like, but I have a 10am call time the next day. Well of course my response is …sure im on my way. So I packed a lil bag and even my buddy came up with me. Good game, Sharks kicked ass. But heres a cute pic my freind snapped while I was napping on the way up. Sneaky bastard he is.

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A Chihuahua, a Pornstar and a goat walk into a bar…

Sometimes its no wonder why I prefer animals to people, well certain people that is.
Its no secret that I own two monstrous sized dogs and one wee Chihuahua, who surprisingly live together rather harmoniously. The only problem I often comes across is that the little one doesn’t get a lot of time to interact with the big guys, or any other dog for that matter, so on a very rare day off I thought Id take her to a small dog “get together” as it was called and see if she could meet a buddy. Within minutes of having entered the door I realized how much I stuck out like a sore thumb in the room.
I dont “coo” or fawn over my dog like a newborn and certainly dont dress it up in all the latest doggie fashions. Shes not adorned in ribbons and bows and doesn’t come and go stuffed in a designer bag. Needless to say I snuck right back out that door and took Gidget to a park. I think we had more fun there as I kicked around a soccer ball for a while and she gave chase. (Its in these simple moments that I find the most beauty in life). Anyway I should have known better, in LA a small dog get together is technically code for let me show off my new expensive accessory to my outfit…my yorkie (or insert any other little yappy dog breed here).
After the park I stopped to get gas and while sitting there noticed a rather large flatbed pickup truck in front of me with a huge BBQ grill on the back. Next to the grill, strapped to the flatbed was a goat, and it wasn’t so much that he was tied off and had moving room but he was strapped down be several leather straps, unable to move or lift his head. (Similar to some of my experiences at Kink.com). I slowly meandered over and noticed his hind flanks stricken by an acid burn and multiple cut marks covering his body. Beaten was an understatement.
The owner of the truck, grill and I assume goat walked out and I inquired about the torn up creature in the truck. As though he was stating practical logic, the man looked at me and said “Theres a huge grill and a goat..put two and two together sweetheart!” After standing there for a moment I asked the man, “How much do you want for the goat?” and after 30 minutes of negotiating I was left standing at the gas station with a Chihuahua in the car and a goat. Of course only I would be standing there with a goat…..
After numerous calls, and multiple attempts to get the goat in my car with being kicked, I found a shelter for abused farm animals out in Santa Clarita and off I went. (I will say this, driving in a car with an irate goat in your back seat and an un amused Chihuahua in the front is a nightmare…”Oh no gee officer I didnt see that light there, my newfound goat friend was eating my car seat..”). Thankfully this shelter took my newly adopted goat in and the place was actually comprised of several barns, stables and quite a bit of land with animals varying from horses and pigs to goats and dogs, so it was rather nice.
Perhaps this is why I dont have many days off as it is…life always seems to find me and hilarity ensues…

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Concerning Hobbits…and the ignorant”

Everyday I find myself coming across a bevy of interesting people, or perhaps I should reword this and simply say people that interest and/or fascinate me. This doesn’t always quite constitute a positive though. It amazes me when I come across shortsighted mindsets or those who turn a blind eye to the past and their predecessors.

Seeing as how that’s an awfully broad statement with the ability to cover a variety of topics, I can narrow it down to my most recent run in with one of society’s “sharpest.”

While standing in line at the supermarket, I bent over to set down my basket, prompting the young man behind me to inquire about the tattoo on my back. He started off by guessing it was a type of sword, a butterfly or a Celtic design until I stopped him by saying it was from Lord of the Rings. He then asked if I got it after seeing those “sick ass movies,” (and at this point I’m wondering why wont the line I’m in move faster….). In an attempt to explain what prompted my ink, he cuts me off and in absolute sincerity asks, “What do you mean they’re books? Weren’t they based off those cartoon movies?” I simply stared at him, slightly bewildered…even if he never read or heard of the novels, doesn’t it state most of the time that the films are based off J.R.R Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings? Yeah I’m more then certain it does.

He continued babbling on, stating how all of the best movies, especially his favorites, come from original scripts, not based off “stupid books,” and then proceeded to name his favorites; Fight Club, No Country for Old Men, Fear and Loathing in Los Vegas, Congo, Bourne Identity and so on. At this point, in order to stifle myself from wanting to backhand him, I picked up my basket and took myself and my tattoo to another line… on the other side of the store.

I wonder if this can be attributed to a lack in education or an inability to use common sense and read the disclaimers.

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Gracious Its been quite some time since I’ve written. I think I can attribute most of that reason to the endless onslaught of homework and midterms/finals as I’m closing in on the end of the semester and being kept wonderfully busy at work. Not enough hours in the day it seems. Ok, perhaps that’s not the complete truth as I have had an occasional moment or two on my hands where I could have written, but after churning out a 10 page thesis paper on modern day advances of Biological medicine and the effects thereof, in addition to having done a three guy gang bang prior the last thing on my mind is typing more. lol

I have also been shooting pretty non-stop lately and have had the chance to partake in some intense and needless to say amazing scenes. I credit all of that to the phenomenal performers and directors I had to opportunities to work with. I really do love my “co-workers” in this industry. I mean in what other line of work could I be sitting in the backyard of a shoot location with Annette Schwarz picking oranges from the tree and discussing our adventures abroad after having just shot for Jake Malone where we were dousing each other in milk enemas and brutally destroying each other with the help of Brandon Iron in the latest installment of Fuck Slaves? I don’t think many professions include that in the job description.

I’ve actually been traveling quite a bit as well. Normally the extent of my travel is the Bay Area and home nearly once every two weeks, (so much so that a couple of the employees at the Oakland Airport know me on a first name basis). This time I was able to incorporate a couple new destinations into my travel repertoire as I found myself in Phoenix, Sacramento and Vegas once or twice and then back to my home away from home, the Bay Area. If they would have me, Id probably live at the Armory as one of Kink’s resident girls. Speaking of which, a good deal of my shoots have been going up over there, Kink.com that is, including my second day working on The Training of O. I must admit that I take a guilty pleasure in leafing through the pictures and watching the progression of the welts on my hindquarters as they darken in color. I think this is perhaps where people might find me a bit of an enigma or one who is certainly off the deep end. Not many quite grasp the fact that I am a masochist and a sadist by lifestyle choice, not just in my scenes. I started years ago first and foremost as a hardcore BDSM player/model and only followed what seemed to be, at least to me, the obvious progression into the adult industry. Unfortunately when one indulges in this type of play in their private life it often doesn’t translate well to others and I don’t really suggest attempting to explain the experience to someone, (you may come off looking rather daft). I, for one, relish in pain and my marks as I wear them with pride but, for instance, there are many who I work for that don’t quite share theses views. I certainly cant blame them at all as I can hardly see the attraction of a beaten and bruised model, but it just makes it difficult for play sessions at home. And yes, there certainly are days where all I want to do is come home and feel the sharp welcomed sting of the cane cut into the back of my thighs till I beg for mercy but I simply cannot and have to wait till I have a wee vacation to play to that extent. damn.
But I digress, my Training of O day 2 is up at www.thetrainingofo.com. And for a change of pace, check out www.captivemale.com as viewers can see how truly sadistic of a dom I actually am when unleashed on someone. I don’t think I can quite put into words how much I love and respect Chanta, and enjoy working for her either as a dom or as a sub to her.

I could swear there was more I wanted to jot down tonight but I just cant seem to recall what it was. My mind is slightly out of sorts tonight…a condition I solely chalk up to the fact that its 4 am and yesterday I was up at 6m to do a DP scene for Mr. Rob Rotten. It was a beautiful way to start my day :)

Oh I remember now, I was surprisingly nominated for The Bondage Awards under the category of Best bondage Model. Should anyone feel so inclined to vote please don’t let me stop you.

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Damn, I feel like I got so much to catch you guys up on, even though
it hasn’t been that long since my last post. I think it’s just that
it seems like so much cool and interesting stuff has happened. Stuff
that just seems so crazy and stuff that I know you guys will definitely
want the inside scoop on.

First and foremost, I’m so proud of myself as I’m turning into quite
the little (and sexy!) chef. Like a year ago I couldn’t even boil
noodlesâ€?a true story and lately I’ve really been making some kickass stuff.
The thing that I’m really excited about is I’m starting to learn
like, the feel of things, and how adding different stuff affects the
recipes , so I can kind of mix things up to my liking. I kind of owe it to
my buddy who has been coming over and showing me the ropes in the
kitchen. One night we hooked up and stuff, but it’s not like that now. I
think that night was just a case of one (or three) bottle of wine to
many, and when I get a good wine buzz, I get horny as fuck, and he just
happened to be around. I mean there’s nothing wrong with the guy, he’s a
complete sweetheart. Lately he’s really turned me on to a big variety
of some pasta dishes. My favorite so far are the creamy ones. And no!
It’s got nothing to do with the fact that I love the taste of cum or
the sensation of it being shot down my throat. It’s just that little ol
skinny me likes how rich those sauces, and while sometimes they can be
a little heavy, generally they are just so creamy and delicious. Now
that I’m getting good at cooking I can really understand what some
people mean when they talk about the connection between sex and food. Like
it’s gotta be the same part of the brain or something. Since I’m
getting confident in my abilities, tonight I’m going to try to mix it up,
and make some chicken cordon bleu. But since I’m such a pasta freak I’m
going to put it on top of some kind of pasta, I’m not sure yet. Can
you do that with chicken cordon bleu? I’m not sure, but I’m going to do
that anyways!

Anyways, while I’m pretty sure that you guys are interested in my new
cooking accomplishments, I bet you really want to hear how things panned
out with hot mechanic. But here’s the thing, we went out, but this
isn’t going to be all about him! So anyways, the day after I had the
work done on my car, I went by and dropped him off my number and told him
to give me a call. Oh shit! the over timer is beeping at me, I have
to go check in on my stuff, guess you guys will have to check back to
catch the rest of the story. I’m telling you, it’s worth it.

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Mar 20

Busy, Busy

Sorry it has been so long since I checked in, but you know how it goes I have been SO busy lately… I love it though. I mean getting to work with all these amazing people has been great. Well to catch you up…I am still super excited for my video release. I can’t wait for everyone to see it considering how much fun I had I making it. And I am still so excited that I am on the box cover, it definitely makes me smile. Well what else…Oh I have been dealing with my car…what a PAIN. It seems like no matter what you have done it takes forever…why is that…I wonder if they just pick ones they like decide to keep them. Anyways I went to the car place because I needed to get some things done you know normal stuff…of course they call me back pop the hood and start pointing at stuff and speaking a foreign language. Ok well not really a foreign language…it was just car talk…come on did they really think I had any idea what they were talking about? Then they had me bend over to look under the hood to show me what…I don’t know but it looked like some little hose thing. I think it was part of their plan though because I was wearing a cute little skirt…it was actually one of my favorites. I didn’t mind of course…anyway after all that I left it there hoping they would be done with the hose thingies and whatever else they were talking about soon…wishful thinking I guess. Finally after what seemed like forever without my car and picking up one HOT car guy success!!! I think that flirting with the cute car guy…oh and bending over the hood in a tiny skirt helped. Not that I really minded that part of the whole thing. I am happy though at least I got his attention and he asked for my number…and I think after all the trouble I deserved it. Oh…and I learned my lesson from the last time order food AFTER not before (lol). Anyway after dealing with all that stuff…and work…and school I decide to take my car with all its new parts whatever they are for a little ride. I have to admit she (my car that is) does seem happy. Ooops, hehe got off track thinking about the bonus (car guy) I got. Yeah so anyway I decide to go grab some popcorn and a movie I rented. Car guy hasn’t called me back so I may have to hit up one of my FWB’s. Now I just have to decide who the lucky guy will be.

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Im always excited when a new box cover comes out ESPECIALLY with little ole me on it . I had such a good time shooting with Sean. Funny thing is I work so much and shoot so many box covers that alot of them come and go and I never get to see what they look like. I think this is getting released near the middle of March.. when I find out Ill let you all know.

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